Products - specs

Products – specs

  • System made of 5 robust 3’ x 3’ x3’ bags with a cubic shape and a square base
  • Made of high grade Polypropylene
  • 5 bag assembly for a free standing structure that is 15 feet in total length
  • Each segment can easily be joined to the next to make a perfect barrier
  • Water repellent on one side (water side), the other side allows for drainage
  • 4 handles for easy cleanup with a safety factor of 5:1
  • Guaranteed to protect for up to 3 feet of water and up to 9 feet when used in a pyramidal structure
  • 12 segments of 15 feet per pallet for a total of 180 feet
  • Patent Pending for USA and Canada on no. 62/944/405
Cube of a Citadel flood system
Digue Citadel anti-flood pyramid structure
Pyramid structure of an anti-flood dam


  • 1 CITADEL bag (3’x3’x3’) = 56 18kg bags
  • 1 CITADEL segment of 15’ = 280 18kg bags
  • A pyramidal structure of 6’ = 600 18kg bags
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